***Just a reminder - if you have not yet paid your 2017 membership dues now is the time! 
     To renew your membership please mail a check for $15, along with your name, address, phone number and mail to:

    Andy Brown
    P.O. Box 274
    Winooski, VT 05404

​June 7, 2017

Dear NVAA Members,

Mark your calendars. Our next exhibit is coming soon!
Registration forms due by June 30.
Complete the attached registration form and mail to:
PO Box 274
Winooski, VT  05404
email your information to:
Drop off artwork at the Village Frame Shoppe
50 North Main Street, St. Albans
Saturday, July 8
11 am - 2 pm
Pick up artwork
Saturday, August 5
11 am - 2 pm

Submission Guidelines

*Members are allowed two entries, no larger than 28 inches on any side including frame. 

* Please label the back of your work with your name, title of piece, and contact information.

* All pieces must be properly wired and ready to hang. NO SAW TOOTH TYPE HANGERS!

* Artwork must be original and for sale.
* The Village Frame Shop charges a 40% commission on artwork sold.

Janet Bonneau
President, Northern Vermont Artists' Association



May 2017

Dear NVAA Members,

Our 86th Annual June Show is nearly here! Exhibit will be at the Visions of Vermont Gallery in Jeffersonville. In this newsletter are two forms:

 1. JUNE SHOW REGISTRATION FORM - Registration fee is $15.

 2. MEMBERSHIP FORM - If you need to renew or become a new member, the annual membership is $15.

 Mark your calendars with the following dates!

 June Show registration forms are due Friday, May 26.

Complete the registration form and mail with a $15 check to:

    Andy Brown

     PO Box 274
     Winooski, VT 05404

 Drop off is Saturday, June 3 from 10 to Noon.

 The Gala Opening is Sunday, June 4 from 3 to 5pm.

Our awards ceremony starts at 3:30pm.

 You pick up art on Saturday, July 1 from 10 to Noon.

 Submission Guidelines

*Members are allowed two entries, no larger than 28 inches on any side including frame.

* Please label the back of your work with your name, title of piece, and contact information.

* All pieces must be properly wired and ready to hang.

          NO SAW-TOOTH TYPE HANGERS please!

* Artwork must be original and for sale.

No submissions from previous June shows.

Judging will be in the following categories. Please mark your work accordingly.







   Other(pencil, graphite, pen & ink, collage, etc.)


* Postcards will be available at drop off.

Please take a few and help publicize the show.

We need show sitters!
 Please bring your calendar so you can pencil in a date to help sit the show.

* Refreshments will be provided for the reception, but members are also encouraged to bring finger foods.

* Bring an updated artist bio for our NVAA publicity binder - anything fitting into an 8 1/2 x 11 plastic sleeve such as photos of your work, business cards, newspaper clippings.

Janet Bonneau

_March 1, 2017


March 2017

Dear NVAA Members,

Here are the details for the upcoming TW Wood Gallery exhibit:

 Drop off   -   Saturday, March 18     10 am - 2 pm
 Pick up  -  Friday, April 28     10 am - 4 pm
(additional pick up time Saturday, March 29 from 10 am - noon)

 Opening Reception
Thursday, March 23rd  5 - 7 pm
Refreshments provided

 Members are allowed two pieces with no size limit. 

Please use the following link to submit your show entry information:


Deadline for submission is Friday, March 10 

No changes in your entry information after Friday March 16 as we will need to print wall tags.

 The TW Wood Gallery is located in Montpelier. 

For more information about TW Wood or to get directions, here is the link to their website.


*Members may want to consider carpooling or combining art pieces into fewer cars for delivery. Parking is limited to mostly street and some side parking near the gallery.

 **The NVAA would like to create a database of NVAA members’ contact information which would be open and available privately only to members of NVAA. This would make it easier for you folks to contact each other for arranging rides for pick up/drop off dates, transporting each other’s art, carpooling to exhibits - or simply to get to know each other!

If you DO NOT want your contact info to be shared with other NVAA members, please let Andy Brown know by sending him an email at:



October 2016

Greeting Fellow Mavens!

    Well, I know you have a tendency to lose these NVAA newsletters the day after you get them in the mail, but you may want to hold on to this one, for some day it may have some historic value. This is the very last NVAA newsletter to be printed on paper.

    The elderly among you may dimly recall I wrote the first of these amusing missives 21 years ago, way back in 1995. Back then G.W. Bush  was still a drunken frat boy, Hillary was still the First Lady and Trump was still a NYC slumlord. My how times have changed.

      During my two decades as NVAA top banana, I have served as president for 16 years, and vice president for 5 years. I oversaw our 75th anniversary celebration, wrote a book about the history of our organization, moderated the Great Print Debate, added the T.W. Wood Gallery, S.P.A.C.E Gallery, and Gruppe Gallery to our roster of annual shows,  and made our transition from the Bryan Gallery to the Visions Of Vermont Gallery for our venerable June Show.  

    But now , my friends, the poor health of both me and my wife have forced me to curtail my activities. I can no longer be "Mr. NVAA". The "go-to" guy who must always make sure all of our artistic ducks are in a row.

    Don't despair. I will remain on the board in the position of elder statesman, The President Emeritus". I will continue to assist with our shows whenever I am able, and you'll still see me at most of our  opening s and events. However, after this issue, I will no longer be writing the monthly newsletters, nor overseeing each and every one of our shows.

    Instead, starting fresh in 2017, all NVAA communications will be via emails and our website. I will write three or four of these amusing newsletters annually, and they will be posted on our website, northernvermontartists.org, which Mary Krause has recently updated. Our president, Janet Bonneau, and our  database person, Andy Brown, will be emailing you all the information and dates for each shows as they come along. There will be a calendar of events on our website as well. When you participate in one of our shows, you will be emailing your info about your artwork to Andy rather than sending him paper forms.

    Eliminating the paper newsletters will save us money on printing and postage, and it will save time as well. However, I am aware there are still a handful of you who do not yet have computers nor email. Never fear. Andy will kindly print information on paper and mail it to you the old fashioned way until such time as you join the rest of us here in the 21st century.

    We are all done with art shows for 2016. Our next show will be at the T.W. Wood  Gallery in Montpelier. This show will be hung on March 18th, 2017, and will come down on April 29th. Details will be forthcoming via email after the holidays.

    Looking further down the road, we will have our 86th  Annual June Show in June, Our Village Frame Shoppe show in St Albans in July, our Old Red  Mill show in Jericho in August and September, and our Union Station Show in Burlington in October.  We may  also have another show at the S.P.A.C.E Gallery in Burlington, But the dates and details for it have yet to be determined.

    in this issue you will find the membership for for 2017.  Don't forget yor membership becomes null and void when they drop the big ball in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Our membership dues remain a paltry $15, so send in your check before you spend all your dough on holiday shopping!  And, since all future communications will be via email, make sure Andy has your latest email address!

    Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I must go take some pills for my various ailments. Have a happy holiday, and I will see you at the T.W.Wood at the T.W.Wood Gallery. next year!

Robert Waldo Brunelle JR.

The Northern Vermont

Artist Association