The Northern Vermont

Artist Association

Tom Waters receives the award for 'Best of Show' 2017 from NVAA President, Janet Bonneau.

July 5

Hi Everyone,

Don’t forget

TheNVAA June Juried Show will be coming to an end this Saturday.
Pick up: Saturday, July 7, 11 am - 4 pm.
If you need to make arrangements to pick up your work earlier than Saturday, please contact the gallery to make sure the Sugarhouse Gallery is open when you go - and let Terry or Jane Shaw know you are picking up your art.

Next up:
Village Frame Shop and Gallery!  Drop off: Saturday, July 14, 10 am -  2pm.

Janet Bonneau
President, Northern Vermont Artists' Association

PO Box 274
Winooski, Vermont 05404

June 6, 2018


Greetings, Fellow Art Mavens!

     Well, I just finished installing the last of my many air conditioners, or, as I like to call them, my “life support systems”.  I admit I am a prisoner of modern technology, for I hate to sweat. Those “doomsday preppers” may be content to live in their bunkers, eating squirrels and twigs, but when civilization collapses, due to either zombies, the bomb, or Trump’s economic policies, I plan to go with it.  Of course, no sooner had I finished shoving my many A.C. units through my windows when the weather jumped directly from summer to fall.  I don’t care.  Even if I have to run my furnace and my air conditioners at the same time, I will not admit defeat.  Which is why my electric company loves me…

    This past weekend we had our gala opening reception for our 87th Annual June Show. For once Mother Nature smiled upon us, and it was a lovely day.  Our hosts, Jane and Terry Shaw at the Visions Of Vermont gallery in Jeffersonville, set up tents on the lawn so we could enjoy live music from a three piece string band while noshing on treats provided by Clara Geist and admiring the 75+ works of art on the walls of the Sugarhouse. 

    As per our ancient custom, at 3:30 I assisted our president Janet Bonneau as she handed out the following awards:

Merit Award – Nancy Hayden “Home”

Merit Award – Kathrena Ravenhorst Adams “Cresting Wave”

Merit Award – JoAnn DiNicola “House on Holly Hill”

Merit Award – Diane Szlachetka “You Don’t Say”

Oils 1stPlace – Susan Bull Riley “From Mansfield’s Summit”

Oils 2ndPlace – Julie McGowan “Bay Breeze on Lake Champlain”

Acrylic 1stPlace – Lynn Cummings – Year Of The Dragon”

Acrylic 2ndPlace – Robert Waldo Brunelle JR “ Grove St. Rutland 1900”

Watercolor 1stPlace – Valerie Ugro “Green River Passage”

Watercolor 2ndPlace – Amanda Amend “Champlain Sky”

Pastel 1stPlace- Kathrena Ravenhorst-Adams “Sunset Through The Trees”

Pastel 2ndPlace- Diane Szlachetka “Coming Storm”

Mixed Media 1stPlace – Nancy Tomczak “Pop Chicken”

Mixed Media 2ndPlace – Elizabeth Chapek “Untitled”

Best in Show – Monique M. Dewyea “Royal Poppies”

Don’t forget that our June show comes down on Saturday, July 7th.   Please be sure to mark your calendars accordingly, for the gallery has no place to store unclaimed artwork!

    Next on our agenda will be our annual group show at the Village Frame Shop on Main Street in St. Albans.  Drop off for that show is Saturday, July 14th, from 10am to 2pm, and the show comes down onSaturday, August 11th, from 10am to 2pm.  

   Due to limitations on wall space, this show has a size restriction.  Members have a choice of entering either one piece no larger than 16” x 20” (not including the frame), or two pieces no larger than 8” x 10” (not including the frame).  Make sure your entries are properly wired and ready to hang.  There is no reception for this show. 

   Gazing further into the misty future, the show that comes next will be our annual show at the Red Mill Gallery on Rt. 15 in Jericho.   Drop off for that show will be Saturday, August 4th, from 10:15am to Noon, and pick up will be Saturday, Sept. 29th, also from 10:15 am to Noon.   Space is also limited in this gallery, so the same size restrictions used for the Village Frame Shop mentioned above also apply here.  

    We have two shows scheduled at the same time in Sept. at the T.W. Wood Gallery in Montpelier and the Granite Museum in Barre, and a possible show at the S.P.A.C.E. gallery in August, and details about those shows will be forthcoming soon, so keep and eye on your email box! (And it is a good idea to check your email’s “spam” folder once in a while, too, just in case your vital NVAA newsletters get sent there instead!)

   Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have to go adjust the settings on my thermostat and air conditioners to achieve the perfect combination of temps and humidity in my house.  When you’re my age, comfort is important!   

   Robert Waldo Brunelle JR.  

May 13​

Hi Folks,
As we near NVAA’s 87th Annual June Show, the Board reminds you our $15 dues comes due too. (Kind of a tongue twister, don’t you think?) As Robert says, it’s one of the best artists’ deals around and if any one knows about deals, he does.
The 3 jurors have said yes, finger-foods planned, paints are drying, and all should dance, or not dance, depending where you’re from for good party-weather. (If you have spent time in Oklahoma as I have, you see rain dancing and not-on-my-parade dancing on the same day and by the same people. They might just like dancing.)

Important to remember:
May 27: 87th June Show registration\$15 check due
June 1: NVAA dues due
June 2: 10 to Noon, drop-off of art, Visions of Vermont Galleries, Jeffersonville
June 3: Opening Gala 1 to 5, Awards 3:30
July 7: take-down of June Show, 11 to 4

Andy Brown
60 Winooski Falls Way 1111
Winooski, Vermont 05404
802 309 8015

April 8, 2018

Greetings, Fellow Art Mavens!

    Yes, I know it’s been a while since you last read that greeting, which I used to open my NVAA newsletters for over 20 years.  I stopped writing those monthly newsletters when I finally became the world- famous artist and cartoonist you read about daily in the society columns, for I’ve been too busy rubbing elbows with the jet set.  However, I remain on the board of directors of the NVAA, in the role of resident know-it-all, telling all the other board members what to do, much to their chagrin.  In a vain attempt to keep me out of their hair long enough so they can get something productive done, they slyly asked me to write this newsletter to bring the rest of you up to speed as to what is going on in our venerable organization nowadays.

     Although we are currently knee deep in mud season, our 87th Annual June Juried show will be upon us before we know it.  Jane and Terry Shaw have once again agreed to host our show in the Sugarhouse part of their vast gallery complex in Jeffersonville. 

     As usual, every member is allowed to exhibit two pieces, no larger than 28” on a side, including frame.  Drop off day is June 2nd, from 10am to noon.  Our gala opening reception will be the following day, June 3rd.  The Shaws want us to extend our opening this year, so it will begin at 1pm and go on till 5pm, or until the neighbors call the cops.  The awards will be bestowed upon the chosen ones promptly at 3:30, as per our ancient custom.

       A quick review of the fine print-  All artwork should be for sale.  All artwork should be original to the artist.  No entries from previous June Juried shows. No reproduction prints.  All artwork should be securely wired and ready for hanging.  No “saw-tooth” type hangers allowed. 

    The show will be demolished on July 7th.   Our Treasurer and Keeper Of The Database, Andy Brown, will be sending you the form for this show soon.  Don’t forget that there is a $15 fee for entry, which we use to cover the costs of our lavish awards.


    And, as long as we are on the subject of moola, don’t forget that, starting this year, we will be collecting membership dues on the date of this show, the way our ancestors did back in the early days of the NVAA.  So, instead of our dues year running from Jan to Dec, it will now run from June to June.  So, when you send in your fee for the show, remember to also send in your $15 membership dues.  In fact, send that in even if you aren’t participating in the show!   Remember that you must be a member in order to be part in the show.

     We remain the cheapest art organization around, and your paltry $15 dues will entitle you to participate in all of our other shows this year, including our show at the Red Mill Gallery in Jericho (drop off Aug. 4th, 10:15am to noon.  Pick up Sept. 29th, 10:15am to noon), The Village Frame Shop in St. Albans (drop off July 14th, 10am to 2pm, pick up Aug. 11th.), Union Station Gallery in Burlington (drop off Oct. 1st, 9am to noon), the T.W. Wood in Montpelier (drop off Sept 1st) and the Granite Museum, also in Montpelier (drop off Sept 1st).  We are also attempting to arrange another show at the SPACE gallery in Burlington, but have yet to settle on dates.   

      More info and precise details about all those shows will be emailed to you as we get closer to those dates, so stay tuned!

        We are also considering the idea of reviving another of our ancient traditions, some sort of gathering of all our members.  In the past we had an annual dinner meeting, with guest speakers and slide shows, etc.  Is this something you would like to attend?  If so, send your thoughts on the matter to our president, Janet Bonneau at .

    Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I must return to my drawing board to cook up yet another cartoon.  My editors get irate if I miss a deadline.  I hope to see you all at our June Show opening soon!  Till then, stay out of the mud!

Robert Waldo Brunelle JR.