The Northern Vermont

Artist Association

March 28​​, 2021

Dear NVAA members,

    We will be collecting a $25 fee for entry in the Annual June Show this year.  The good news is that it will also serve as your dues for the year.  Robert's newsletter below explains the changes and dates for the year.

NVAA Board


April 15, 2021  Newsletter

Greetings fellow art mavens!
Yes, it seems like our last NVAA art show was sometime in the 19th century, doesn’t it?
This dreadful pandemic has disoriented all of us from the space/time continuum. We hit the
“pause” button on the NVAA in 2020, and cancelled all of our events. But, now, I am happy to
say, we are cautiously revving up the ol’ NVAA engines once more!
Janet Bonneau, who has so ably served as our president over the past several years ,
recently decided it was time to step down from that lofty position. She will remain on our board,
however, and will continue to help us make things happen. Thank you for all your hard work,
Jonathan Brigham has kindly agreed to become our next president. Welcome Jon! You
may recall he is the fellow who makes all those delightful wood carvings you’ve seen in past
June shows.
Because the virus is still lurking out there, we are not going to try to revive all of our
usual art shows. Instead, we are focusing all our attention this year on just one show, our annual
June Juried Show. This will be our 90th year, so we want to do it up right!

Jane and Terry Shaw are welcoming us back to the Sugar House at their Visions of
Vermont gallery in Jeffersonville. Jon and the Shaws have set the dates for our show as follows:
June 5th , deliver the art work between 10am and Noon, judging and hanging that afternoon.
June 6th our opening and awards ceremony. July 10th the show comes down. Mark your
calendars accordingly!

As for the opening itself, we will play it by ear. If the virus has been brought under control
by then, we will have our usual opening, although we will all wear masks. Due to social
distancing and the fact that space is small, we will have to work out some sort of system where
folks can enter the gallery a few at a time.
If the weather is nice that day, we can hold the awards ceremony outside, where
everyone can stay 6 feet apart. Janet will arrange for us to be entertained during our opening by
the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra!
If, on the other hand, the virus is still raging out of control in June,we can have a “virtual”
opening of some sort, and we can mail the awards to the winners. We will know more as we get
closer to the date.

Either way, the show itself will be open to the public. We also hope to have the entire
show online, too. So, when you send us your entries, we would also like you to send us a digital
photo of each piece. This way we can put them all up on our website, the way the Bryan
Memorial Gallery and others do on their websites.
If we all use our social media to promote the show and give links to the NVAA website
we may be pleasantly surprised at how many sales we have. I suspect that many art lovers,
having been cooped up in their homes due to the pandemic, are yearning for some nice new
artwork to hang on those walls they’ve been staring at for the last year.
As usual, each member will be allowed to enter two pieces, no larger than 28” on a side.
All media are welcome, including 3D work. The judging will be for prizes, not entry into the show
itself. More details as to the specifics will be forthcoming soon.

​Because the NVAA was in limbo during 2020, many of you are probably uncertain where
you stand as far as membership goes. We are starting with a clean slate in 2021. We have
combined the membership dues and the June Juried Show entry fee (like the NVAA used to do
from 1931-1973). $25 will renew your membership and get you into the show. We will be
sending you a membership form and June Show entry form soon.
If, in the Fall, the virus situation has improved, we may try to put together some sort of
Autumn group show for you. However, the future is still uncertain. Meanwhile, since you have
to be in quarantine anyhow, you might as well put your time to good use and make some great
new artwork for our historic 90th Annual NVAA June Show!

Welcome back, everyone! Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr.