The Northern Vermont

Artist Association

General Info

Mission Statement -  "To encourage the study, improve the practice, elevate the standards and advance the cause of creative art." Harold Sykes Knight 1931.

Membership -  Membership is open to all visual artists, working in any medium. Membership is non-juried and the dues are $25 annually. The dues year begins on June 1st and ends on May 31st. Any member whose dues are paid in full may participate in all NVAA events. 

Volunteers -The NVAA  is an all-Volunteer organization, and depends entirely on YOUR HELP.

Insurance and Liability - All artwork in all NVAA shows is exhibited at the artist's own risk. The NVAA does not insure artwork against theft or damage.

Content of Work - Artwork depicting nudity may be included in NVAA shows, unless it has graphic sexual content.  Artwork that promotes hate or violence against groups or individuals will not be allowed in any NVAA show. The Board and the Chairs of the various NVAA committees reserve the right to exclude from any NVAA show artwork that is deemed offensive or discriminatory. It is assumed that NVAA members will use good judgement and common sense when selecting work for NVAA Shows.

Originality -All art work in NVAA shows must be original. This means that the content or ideas may not be copied from other sources, but must be the creation of the artist.

Presentation of Artwork - Artwork in NVAA shows must be framed in a professional manner. Mats must be clean and neatly cut, and glass must be clean and free from chips and scratches. Frames must be securely wired. Clip-secured glass frames are unacceptable, as are 'saw-toothed' type hanging clips. 'Gallery wrap' paintings are acceptable if the image continues around  the edges and staples do not show.

Reproduction Prints -High quality prints of original work may be labeled as prints, with archival information.

Picking Up Artwork- NVAA members must pick up their artwork at the day and time specified at the end of every show. The NVAA is not insured, and can not be held responsible for damage to unclaimed artwork. The NVAA Board reserves the right to refuse admission to future shows to any member who continues to neglect to pick up his or her artwork on time!

Notes On Entries To The June Juried Show- All entries must be for sale. All entries must be original work. No reproduction prints are allowed in this show. No entries that have been exhibited in past June Juried Shows or at the host gallery are allowed. Entries that have been prepared as described above will be rejected.

Board of Directors


Jonathan Brigham

Vice President & Newsletter Editor

Robert Waldo Brunelle Jr.


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 Database Manager

Jonathan Brigham

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